Whether you’re a PAYG broker considering a transition to self employment, or you’re already a Credit Rep and you just want a Better Deal, you’ve come to the right place.

Australia’s pre-eminent digital finance broking house, ALG is a business built on the foundations of everything you need to make your brokerage a success.

Access the highest commission splits and lowest fees currently on offer to Asset Finance brokers in Australia.   A better deal isn’t just the highest commission splits available, combined with the lowest fee structure currently in the market – it’s also support, and the right tools for the job, to start and scale your business. 

This is truly the only product in today’s market built for you – your success and your profits – not hiding margins and charging numerous incidental fees. Your success is our success. 

Most credit rep models take splits of commission and charge ‘costs’ for leads and administration which are far higher than the costs incurred by the provider.  Over the course of 12 months these fees result in the Credit Rep losing tens of thousands of dollars in margin which goes straight to the House.  

When you partner with ALG you will be growing your business on the best possible terms. Imagine a model where fees are charged at COST – no margin added!!

Keep Your Business Profitable from the Start

All other Credit Rep models have various upfront fees you are charged from the get go – whether it be lead costs, Credit Rep fees, licensing and subscriptions - you name it. ALG turbo charges your profits by ensuring you are profitable from day one. We’re here to share in your success, not charge you for it.


ALG was built on web leads. Our systems, processes and marketing are all focused on maximizing lead ROI for our Credit Rep Partners. Discover why EVERY partner that has joined ALG’s growing network remarks on the quality of our web leads compared to where they’ve come from.


Get more in your pocket with the unbeatable combination of the best commission plans and the lowest cost structure in the industry. Don’t lose to other providers whose inflated margins literally total tens of thousands of dollars per year. With ALG you’ll be able to grow your business under the best possible terms. That’s our guarantee!


Our CRM is built on top of Salesforce, the world’s leading enterprise CRM software.  Built by brokers, for brokers.  It helps optimise lead conversions, follow ups and client retentions as efficiently as possible, so you can spend more time writing revenue and growing your business


Don’t waste months trying to build your own systems and templates. With ALG you can hit the ground running.  You’ll get immediate access to our proven tools, templates, scripts and systems – everything you need to start generating income from day one.

Access The Industry’s Best Lender Panel and Exclusive Rate Plans

Partner with Australia’s leading online Finance Broker

In under 8 years Auto Loans Group has grown into one of Australia’s biggest online finance brokers.  Our success is built on operational excellence in sales, systems, people and processes.  Whether you want to access high quality leads, best in class retentions services, or sales training, we have the tools, templates and experience to help you grow your business too.  With the highest independent customer rating of any online broking house, you can leverage our strong brand to grow your own customer base

Take Your Brokerage Business To The Next Level

  • High converting leads, delivered on your terms, only when you need them
  • Highest comms plans
  • Lowest costs
  • Strong focus on Commercial leads/business
  • Best in class retentions systems and services
  • Cloud-based systems enabling you to work from anywhere
  • Sales and objection handling training
  • Call scripts and engagement templates

Get everything you need to supercharge your business

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